For corporate and private events in Denmark you can contact SuperEvent. For corporate and private events in the Netherlands you can contact Sjappo-Events.

For Music’scool I organize a variety of workshops and shows for both elementary and high schools. With the workshops students can participate. They learn about different styles and approaches to music. There is a Brazilian Percussion workshop, a street musician workshop and a show about the history of pop music and much more. For more information and all workshops and shows for schools you can  contact Music’scool.

Samba! With the workshop Samba we take a small Brazilian tour. Each group learns a diferent rhythm which eventually comes together in a groove that should swing like a real Brazilian percussion group. The goal of this active workshop is to play a groove together and alternate this with various rhythmic themes. Everyone will play various instruments during the workshop. Repenique (timbale-like), surdo (bass drum), agogo bells, cowbells and shakers are some instruments that have an important role. Cooperation, improvisation and rhythmic themes are items you can expect during this workshop. Think of Brazilian football and / or Carnival!

Stomp! A rhythmic workshop where you play drums on all kinds of instruments except on those that were made for it. The great example here is the band STOMP. How about drumming on containers, barrels, road signs and mortar tubs? Or make a rhythm with a hand broom and dustpan together with a couple of brooms? The ultimate goal is, as with the Samba workshop, to create a piece of music and let it swing. Good cooperation is vital to make this workshop successful.

Both workshops include the following points:

– Teamwork / Cooperation
– What is rhythm?
– Listening to each other and to yourself
– Dynamics
– Musical question and answer
– Putting together a drum piece

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