SONOR SQ2 Maple vintage white pearl cover and SONOR SQ2 Maple vintage scandinavian birch both with 600 series hardware and DW 5002 pedal;

10″ x 8″ tom
12″ x 8″ tom
14″ x 12″ floor tom
16″ x 14″ floor tom
22″ x 18″ bass drum

Snare drums
14″ x 6″ Sonor SQ2 Maple Vintage
13″ x 5,75″ Sonor Benny Greb Signature
14″ x 5″ Ludwig Black Beauty
14″ x 5″ Gretch G4160SS

MEINL cymbals, Byzance series
13″ Dark hihat
22″ Dark Spectrum ride
8″ Traditional splash (inside out)
10″ Traditional splash
15″ Traditional thin crash
17″ Traditional medium thin crash
19″ Traditional medium thin crash
19″ Generation X china crash

Electronic drums
Roland SPD-SX sampling pad
Roland RT-10S trigger (Snare)
Roland RT-10K trigger (Kick)
Roland BT-1 trigger pad

Meinl drum sticks
Hybrid 5A American Hickory

Kick: MAY Audix D6 BD
Kick: Yamaha Subkick
Snare top: Shure sm 57
Snare bottom: Audix i5
Hi-Hat: AKG C430
Tom (10″): Audix micro D
Floor tom (14″): Audix micro D
Floor tom (16″): Audix micro D
Ride: AKG C430
Overhead L: Shure KSM32 SL
Overhead R: Shure KSM32 SL
Room L: Gonzo Audio XL2 (matched pair)
Room R: Gonzo Audio XL2 (matched pair)

Mixer: Mackie Onyx 1640i

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