“Plain and simple, a decent recording of a real drummer playing a real drum kit can do WAY more for your mix than a perfectly polished virtual drummer can do. It’s hard to measure, but the intangible feel, vibe, and energy that is created in real life gives so much validity and nuance to your recordings.” Source: The Recording Revolution.

Kick: MAY Audix D6 BD
Kick: Yamaha Subkick
Snare top: Audix i5
Snare bottom: Shure sm 57
Hi-Hat: AKG C430
Tom (10″): Audix micro D
Floor tom (14″): Audix micro D
Floor tom (16″): Audix micro D
Ride: AKG C430
Overhead L: Shure KSM32 SL
Overhead R: Shure KSM32 SL
Room L: Gonzo Audio XL2 (matched pair)
Room R: Gonzo Audio XL2 (matched pair)

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