About me

Roan Segers (1973) is a drummer through and through! As a young boy he played the drums on the upturned laundry basket sitting in front of his tipi. Hitting it loudly and softly, his sense of rhythm was clear at an early age.

When he was nine years old he joined the local drum band, but he soon longed for something more. The music school was the obvious, most sensible next step and there he discovered the drum kit. Through a friend he came into contact with drummer, Juan van Emmerloot, who introduced him to a completely different way of teaching.

Roan took a very intensive course at ‘Drumclinic Juan van Emmerloot’. Here he learnt all the tips and tricks of the trade and was allowed to work backstage. Since Roan trained to be a teacher his skills and techniques developed more and more. As teaching was a completely new thing to him it made him look at playing the drums in a different way. In September 2000, Juan’s drum school got taken over and changed into ‘The Drumbiznizz’. The Drumbiznizz has been providing lessons for the drum department of Music’scool since 1999, and under the name of Music-Clinic they give and are involved in various workshops and shows.

Roan was in his first band when he was about fourteen years old. Throughout the years he has been a part of bands such as ‘De Ideale Schoonzoon’ (in which he reached the semi-finals of ‘Student Talent’ on television station RTL5), ‘Nubik’ (with Edwin Balogh, Matthieu Cleijne and others), ‘Stefan de Roon band’ (from K-Otic, with Carlos Lake, Jan Rooijmans and others) and ‘Creme Fresh’ (with Stephan and Danny La Haye). With a few of these bands he has played as support act for some well-known Dutch bands, such as De Dijk, Tröckener Kecks and Bløf . As well as being a drummer he has taken over the role of organiser and is frequently seen in this role in these bands. Roan currently plays in the band ‘Fjelding‘. Before he moved to Denmark he played in both ‘Goofy and the Regulars’ and ‘Abel’, Joris Rasenberg’s band in The Netherlands.

Because of all these achievements, Roan can call himself an all-round drummer. He gets his inspiration from drummers such as Steve Gadd, Juan van Emmerloot, Jeff Porcaro and Benny Greb. As well as playing in bands and teaching, he is part of percussion group ‘The Drumbiznizz’ and he provides the percussion parts for album recordings of various artists, for instance the Dutch pop band ‘Ambacht’s debut album. As a drummer he can be looked upon as the backbone with determination and stamina.  He is a team player, always playing for the benefit of the band. You will certainly see him playing this part somewhere on stage.

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