This new and exciting danish duo, OK ECHO, consists of the two musical partners in crime: William Foss & Uni Askham, who joined forces in the spring of ’22 and took their first steps towards their debut album: KINETIC

KINETIC is born from a life in the city under lockdown, Kinetic is a story of the battle against a life in conformity, melancholy and angst. It is also the story of dreaming of something bigger and better and having the will to pursue it.

William & Uni are both musical children of the 90’s and when their parents kicked down the doors of their respective teenage rooms, its was the sounds of grunge and the british alternative rock scene they had to try and get them to turn down.
KINETIC reflects this musical upbringing with its strong melodies, mountainous guitars, electronic elements and above all because the good melody is always in focus.

More OK ECHO here.

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